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A password authenticates your network identity and is crucial to keep your identity secure. Passwords are set to expire in accordance with the University’s password policy.

You have to renew your password every 90 days and reregister your username before or on 31st of March annually.

You will receive expiration warnings from 14 days before the 90 day period is over. In the e-mails you receive a link taking you directly to the change password page.

You can also renew and change passwords on the User Administration System. If you forgot your password, select  Forgot Password. However to do this, you have to supply your US and ID number, as well as the correct answer to your Password reset self-help questions. These questions can be changed at any time.





  • You cannot re-use your previous 10 passwords.
  • Your username, name or last name may not form part of the password.
  • The password must consist of 8 or more characters, but no longer than 32 alpha numeric characters.
  • Password must contain at least 3 out of the following 4 groups of characters: Alphabetic (Small caps), Alphabetic (Captital), numeric, special characters, (e.g.  %,$,#)​
  • New passwords van contain spaces, but not at the end of the password.

Change your password
Forgot your password?


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